Joe Rogan has been the center of a lot of controversy. Given his stance on COVID-19 and his controversial new approach to deal with it, many classify it as spreading misinformation.

Sharon Stone is of the opinion the Joe Rogan is continuously spreading misinformation to the point that it’s just empty lip service. She also noted one thing that Rogan needs to distance himself from.

Stone talked with TMZ on Tuesday at Beverly Hills and that’s when she addressed Rogan’s podcast. She is against Rogan on many levels and even ignores the support of several celebrities that the famous podcaster has gained.

The actress does not consider the addition of disclaimers at the beginning of his episodes, something that fixes the problem at all. She adds that the only disclaimer Rogan needs to give out is that he is an “asshole.”

Sharon Stone considers that Rogan’s claims have costed people their lives. While she is clear on the fact that his claims are baseless as she has worked with experts in the field, she’s lost her grandmother and godmother because of COVID. Stone is against people suffering because of misinformation, which is why she is siding with Neil Young.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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