Kanye West has been in denial of Kim and Pete’s relationship for quite some time. He has also time and time again expressed his desire to get back with Kim. It seems that the rapper holds the view that the romance is all for a TV show.

Recently, It was reported earlier that Kanye was allegedly going around saying Pete has AIDS. It is now being reported that Ye plans to call Pete Davidson and tell him to back off from his ex Kim Kardashian. All while Ye enjoys partying in Malibu.

According to The Sun the insider mentioned that Kanye has been saying that he is going to call Pete and tell him to back off. They added that Kanye thinks that Kim and Pete are faking their relationship for ratings on their upcoming Hulu show The Kardashians. The new Hulu show could drop in early 2022.

Kanye has been saying that he is going to call Pete and tell him to back off. He really believes that the pair are faking their relationship for their upcoming Hulu show, and he can’t seem to accept that they are together. He still loves Kim and can’t stand to see her with someone else.

Kanye has even dissed Pete on one of his Donda 2 songs. On a new song “Eazy.” One lyric that stood out was: “God saved me from that crash/ just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**.” He also expressed his strife with the Kardashian family over Chicago’s birthday drama.

TMZ reported on Friday that mutual pals of Davidson and Ye have been confused and upset by the purported AIDS story. Meanwhile, a close friend of Ye informed the publication that the claim that the story is nonsense. Kanye has been romantically linked with Julia Fox.

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