Kanye West is one of the most influential people in the industry. Wherever he goes, people rush to open the gates for him. Kanye West has proven himself to be a true genius when it comes to being a businessman and also as an artist.

Kanye West is now embroiled in a lot of controversy with Kim Kardashian but he appears to be a man without a care in the world, at least while surrounded by beautiful women on the beach. Ye was all smiles and giggles as he talked up some attractive women on an oceanfront balcony at Soho’s Little Beach House Malibu on Sunday.

Kanye appears to be as content as a clam. Just look at the photos at the end of this article. The girls he’s talking to aren’t his girlfriend Julia Fox, but they are extremely similar. Ye seems to have a personality type.

There are plenty of reasons for Kanye to be worried about Kim… the kids, the divorce, Pete Davidson. In the proper coastal location, with the right company, all of it seems to fade away. Ye said to the world that he currently has only two important interests in life. Everyone is anticipating the release of Donda 2, and Kanye West has started promoting the anticipated album.

Outside the restaurant, Kanye was dressed in his signature all-black Balenciaga ensemble, complete with a full-face mask, yet his demeanor on the balcony was bright and cheerful. It’s not often that we see him so happy. Take a look at the photos below.

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