Tom Holland and Zendaya are making headlines for their unbreakable bond. Harry and Meghan appear to be huge fans of Tom and Zendaya, as are literally millions of other people all over the world. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently arranged a top-secret meeting with Tom Holland and Zendaya.

According to Cosmopolitan, unlike the majority of Tom and Zendaya’s fans, Harry and Meghan have the social clout and connections to turn their fandom into a face-to-face hangout. According to a new report by Richard Eden of the Daily Mail, the Sussexes “contacted Holland and Zendaya out of the blue and asked to meet.”

According to a source described by Eden as “one of Harry’s old friends,” Tom and Zendaya were surprised by the invitation and had no idea why the Sussexes wanted to meet with them. Of course, as famous as Tom and Zendaya are, they’re still “just like us” enough to react the same way we would to Harry and Meghan’s invitation, which means they said yes.

“Tom and Zendaya were rather bemused, from what I hear. Tom had never met Harry or spoken to him in his life, so didn’t know what they wanted.”


The source’s information about the meeting, or the information they were willing to share, ended there. Eden speculated that Harry and Meghan “may have hoped to persuade Tom and Zendaya to take part in one of their media projects,” but provided no further details about the top-secret meeting.

Harry, Meghan, Tom, and Zendaya are arguably four of the most famous and closely followed people on the planet right now. Their meeting will be extremely interesting as it is top-secret.

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