NLE Choppa and Marissa are expecting their first child together soon. Despite the fact that NLE Choppa routinely and publicly exposes his sex life and promiscuity, he claims to have just settled down with his fiancée Marissa, with whom he is currently expecting a kid.

The 19-year-old, who recently released a new mixtape, appears to have a big influence on his girlfriend. She recently revealed how he helped her get out of a toxic relationship. She finds Choppa extremely understanding and compliments him to be her real life superman.

I was not looking to be with anybody, I had just gotten out of a bad relationship, a very horrible relationship. I lost myself. When Choppa came around, I thought nothing of it, I thought we were just going to be friends. One day I just opened up to him. He knew I was sad, he felt it. He had asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t hold it in, because I had nobody to talk to about it, I told him (what was wrong).

From that day on, and even before that, he has been an amazing person to me. I never cried like that ever again after that. He took pain away that he didn’t cause. I appreciated him for that, and he made me see my worth and self love. He’s a great person, he helped me find peace within myself, he helped me love myself again. Not loving myself from a man’s point of view, but loving myself from my point of view. Finding self love again, he helped me with all of that. He’s just an amazing, amazing person, and he doesn’t get enough credit for how amazing he is. I love that man. I don’t know how we got here, but I will never question God. I thank God for him, he is an angel to me, he is my superman.

Marissa was driven to tears as she continued to describe how considerate and compassionate he had been to her. It’s unclear when their baby is due, but NLE and Marissa appear to be happy in their relationship moving forward, which is always a positive indication. Take a look at Marissa’s interview below.

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