Ken Anderson is best known for his appearance on WWE as Mr. Kennedy. After his time on WWE, he went on to manage his professional wrestling school. On Sunday, he made headlines after a student at his school called him out on his business practices.

A Reddit user kicked off a thread on r/SquaredCircle. The post claimed that the school has been closed for “quite some time” and has not resumed like other gyms in the area. It also alleged that students at the school have been enrolled for almost two years and have yet to receive any semblance of training. The user claimed students have missed out on basic training like, “tape study, character development or promos”

The user also claimed the website for the wrestling academy has also been taken down. The user stated that Anderson only contacts his students at irregular intervals and insists that they’re in talks with a new realtor. However, Anderson’s efforts have failed to be fruitful as there is no “real progress.”

Another Redditor in the comment section shared his experience with the school. The user claimed that they signed up for a 30-minute free consultation and had it confirmed, only to show up to an empty warehouse at the time of the scheduled appointment.

As claimed in the original post, Anderson has yet to make any refunds. After almost two years of not training his students, Anderson has yet to address this issue, despite the lack of clarity on whether or not the students will end up at the academy.

BodySlam reported, a student at the academy told them the sign-up process at the academy ended up being “very simple. Verbal via text. It was early [into the COVID-19 pandemic] and nobody was meeting in person at the time.” While another student at Ken’s academy issued a statement to the outlet.

“In no way am I making any claims on Ken’s personal character as I’ve had minimal contact with the man, but I believe his business practices and professionalism speaks for themselves. I’m personally not out to ruin anyone’s career but simply trying to hold others accountable for their actions as well as preventing others from making the same mistakes I did.

The money I’m out may not seem like a lot to some but it was my entire savings as well as my dreams, and at the end of the day, that’s all I really want back. My dream is crushed but hopefully I can get my money back.”

Meanwhile, Ken has yet to respond to these allegations. This is a developing story and we will be on the lookout for more updates. Stay tuned to Thirsty.

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