Tekashi 6ix9ine is certainly a controversial figure, and many in the world of hip hop have a bone to pick with him. He had a big rise to fame, but he certainly fell off in a big way. This was noticed by a lot of people.

DJ Akademiks recently dropped some bombs as he discussed Tekashi 6ix9ine on a live stream. He then transitioned it into all rappers from 2017 who don’t drop music. He mercilessly roasted those rappers and dragged them through hell and back. According to him, those rappers are nothing but utter disgrace.

You rappers who was popular in 2017, y’all are f*cking disgrace. I got no sympathy for y’all. When ya washed up ass get ya off the record, ya’ll gonna sit here and tell me ’bout your sob story on how the f*ck you fell off. You were lazy, drug addict, you were bum, fell in love, you did everything but keep at it. I don’t like n****s who make mistakes, and make excuses.

These n****s are done… watched up. Like what the f*ck was he doing? What was the point? You n****s had the shorted run in history. If you got poppin’ in 2017-2018 and by 2021 you were watched up, you were basically a one hit wonder n****. You n****s are a disgrace.

Yes, 69 is certainly lumped into that category of rappers who fell off, exactly what Ak was talking about. The fact he is a snitch didn’t help his cred either, but even DJ Akademiks has spoken in the past where he sympathizes with Tekashi as someone who got way over his head and taken advantage of.

6ix9ine is no doubt the easiest target for disses. He get slammed by rappers, stand up comedians and YouTubers on a regular basis. We’ll have to see if he can climb back up to his former rainbow-haired glory. Stay tuned.

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Transcription by Thirsty

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