The “Girls Gone Wild” founder Joe Francis dated Paris Hilton in the early 2000s. Years later, even though they are not dating anymore, Joe has some head turning claims about his former girlfriend’s family.

Paris Hilton and Joe Francis didn’t exactly have a cordial breakup. According to PageSix, Francis claimed that in 2003, the “Paris in Love” star started “beating” him when he ended their relationship and in a recent interview on “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast, Joe went off talking about the famous family.

During the interview, the conversation shifted towards Kathy Hilton. Francis said, “To me she’s always been evil.” He revealed his former girlfriend’s mom was awful to him before he even met her. He claimed that Paris played him voicemail messages from her mother in which she talked trash about him before she even met him in person.

“She would just leave these long-winded messages about what a bad person I was without even knowing that Paris would play them over and over for me. And I was like, wow, this woman is just so evil and stupid. She’s just so dumb. And that was my impression just from listening to her messages and the way she treated me.”

However, his rant didn’t end there. He went on to blast his ex-girlfriend’s father Rick Hilton. He described him as “dumb guy who’s just not smart and has a name.” He added, “They just try to play off the Hilton name,” Francis didn’t pull any punches when talking about the Hilton family going as far as calling Kathy a gold digger.

“Kathy Hilton is a gold digger from the Valley, honestly, like that’s who she is. And that’s who she raised her daughters to be like. Like to marry a Hilton, a name, you know what I’m saying? Like that was her goal in life. And that’s what she made Paris and Nicky’s goal in life is she raised two daughters in her image. And unfortunately, Rick didn’t really get any money, but he had a name. And she’s leveraging that name in order to do what she’s doing.”

Joe didn’t leave Paris out of his cross-sights. He claimed in the podcast, “That’s the craziest woman I’ve ever dated, ever,” He also shared, when he tried to break up with Paris, she told him that he couldn’t break up with her because she was Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, the Hilton family has yet to comment on these claims by Francis. You can check out Joe’s interview below.

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