Tisha Campbell has been through a lot, but things could have been a lot worse for her. She recently shared a story about a scary run-in with men who she believes were sex traffickers. She has got some words of advice for others in the town she’s currently shooting for an independent film.

According to TMZ, a source close to the actress told the outlet that the incident took place in Brownsville. The town is approximately 10 minutes away from the Mexican border. Tisha expounded about the events that took place on her Instagram account. She shared a video detailing the incident.

Campbell shared she has been staying in a hotel in that area and was given a number to call for a taxi by another guest as there weren’t any Ubers available in that region. However, when the taxi pulled up, Tisha alleged a man hopped out of the backseat and yelled at her to get inside the vehicle. She then immediately sensed something was wrong.

Campbell further explained she told the guy “no” but he and the driver kept demanding that she gets inside. Tisha has been working a project with sex and human trafficking expert Toni Rivera on human trafficking, so she was extremely cautious about the situation. Tisha said she she eventually told both the guys to “f**k off!” before getting back to the front desk.

Apparently, the staff working there had no idea why Tisha was given that number to call a cab. The lady working there tried to find out the identity of the driver but it still remains unknown. Tisha didn’t call the cops but the hotel employees made sure she got out of there safely.

You can check out Tisha talking about the incident below.

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