Famous Dex is making headlines again in the Hip Hop industry, but it’s not for the best reason at all. Dex is well-known not for his rapping abilities, but rather for the numerous times he has run afoul of the law and become a controversial figure. Recently, Famous Dex was carted off to jail for violating a protective order.

According to DJ Akademiks, Dex is headed to the Los Angeles Country Jail where he will have to spend the next six months of his life. Dex was taken into custody after reportedly violating a protective order against his ex.

Famous Dex was arrested and sent to prison in September. He was expected to serve a one-year sentence for domestic assault. He was also served with a protective order at the time, which prohibited him from approaching his ex-girlfriend.

Dex was freed a few days after being sentenced to prison and permitted to return home, where he would remain on probation. Dex appeared to be doing well for himself over the past four months, but according to DJ Akademiks, things have abruptly deteriorated. The artist is again taken to jail.

Dex will now be required to wear an ankle monitor in the future, and he will be jailed again if he gets within 500 yards of his ex’s home. Dex is always the cause of his own misfortune. He was arrested last year for breaking a protection order and faced a large fine, but he did the same thing this year.

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