Bizarre, the Detroit veteran recently did an exclusive interview with Dirty Glove Bastard media, which focuses on the South and Midwest’s thriving regional music scenes. Because his personal experience intersects with the formation of the Detroit rap movement, Bizarre explored a wide range of issues.

The host questioned him about the context when he mentioned Proof’s open mics and Eminem’s champion-level performance. She was curious as to how the battle rap community had accepted Eminem, who was such an outlier due to his color. There was discrimination, according to the D12 showman. It didn’t matter, though, since Eminem was always ready to put on a show of skill.

It was like, a white man can’t jump. That’s the best way I can describe it. It was always, “Man, who was this white boy?” But once he opened his mouth and started rapping, n****s like, “Oh sh*t, this white boy nice”. So, people who knew he was nice, there was no doubt about it. But we were always constantly going in new environments. So when we were going into a new environment, I already knew, alright, there’s going to be some bullsh*t. And then when Em opened his mouth and before he even finished his verse, there was believers. So yeah, there were a lot of doubters because Detroit is a 90% black city. So it was like a reverse shit. A lot of n****s got their money taken because they thought they was gonna be able to beat Eminem in a battle.

Bizarre is well aware of how difficult that was. Despite being a formidable battle rapper himself, he has never been able to defeat him. There are very few people to whom he lost, and Em is one of them.

Eminem’s contributions to hip-hop culture is incalculable. Eminem’s achievements continue to mount one by one. The entire episode is a treasure trove of true anecdotes about one of hip hop’s most active scenes, and it deserves to be explored. Listen to the entire interview below.

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