Chris Brown has been a controversial figure throughout his career in music. He remains insanely popular despite this. He continues to churn out hit after hit. Brown is still active and popular to this day. He can still sing just as well as he could as a young man. Fans don’t want to give up on such a huge talent.

Chris Brown is once again in major hot water. Brown has a history of being an alleged abuser. Fans vividly remember the photos of Rihanna’s battered face that circulated in 2009. Brown has been trying to rebuild his reputation ever since.

Most recently, Chris Brown is trending on Twitter after calling cap on his past allegations. Chris Brown is making it clear that the rape allegations is all Cap. In his Instagram stories he addressed the same. Many of Chris Brown’s fans agree with him, calling Jane Doe out for not pressing charges.

I hope yall see this pattern of cap, whenever I’m releasing projects or music.

A user tweeted: “It won’t be. Stop the cap sir. Both are good but you people only want this versus to discredit chris because of some of the allegations, but I bet if y’all heard a chris brown song or feature y’all selective amnesia will dissappear in second and fingers will start snapping.”

Another stated: “Sueing a man that “raped” you but not pressing charges? I smell cap .. they after Chris brown y’all” A third person chimed in, saying: “Chris Brown raped somebody on a yacht. Big Cap! Imma need hard evidence. Video & recording. F*ck you talm bout.”

Brown says the entire situation is cap. The accuser says she was emotionally damaged due to the alleged assault. Tory Lanez cosigned on Chris Brown’s theory that every time he starts a project, he’s targeted. Check out some of the top and most recent tweets below.

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