Paris Hilton is all over the news and this time not for her wedding. The actress recently went to The Tonight Show and fans have a lot to say about her fashion choices.

Hilton appeared on the Tonight Show the other night to chat about her wedding, her show Paris in Love, and to surprise the audience with some casual NFTs. Hilton showed up for her interview looking amazing in a lime-green dress but fans immediately noticed that something was off about her shoes. To everyone’s surprise Paris was wearing two different shoes, a simple nude pump and another less simple nude pump with sparkles.

It seems her Fans weren’t alone. Jimmy Fallon also realized that Paris had a mild wardrobe malfunction on his show. Naturally, Jimmy took to the Tonight Show’s Instagram page and trolled her for her choice.

“When you rush out of the house with the wrong shoes,” read the caption. Paris was seen wearing the correct pair of shoes at another point during the day, so this wrong shoe thing appears to be a purposeful fashion moment. Either way, Paris rocked the look.

Mistake or not, Paris served looks on the Tonight Show. The actress can wear whatever she wants and still look good. Hopefully, we will get to see more of her experimental looks in the future.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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