Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, released in 2012, is widely recognized as one of the best hip hop albums ever made. It received widespread appreciation and recognition from fans, peers, and critics. Complex, BBC, and Pitchfork were among the media that selected it the Best Album of 2012.

Lamar’s “short film,” Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, weaved a chaotic narrative chronicling Kendrick’s environment and his involvement in its happenings. While engaging in seemingly unavoidable hazardous behavior, he produced paintings of the crossroads between respect and atonement.

The album not only had a vibrant palette of sonics, but Kendrick’s multiple vocal approaches made it one worthy of being called a classic. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis from Seattle released an album called The Heist the same year. Macklemore’s record won the GRAMMY Award for Best Rap Album at the 2014 GRAMMY Awards, thus it appears that title had some value.

Kanye West’s Yeezus, Drake’s Nothing Was The Same, and Jay Z’s Magna Carta… Holy Grail are just a few of the great rap luminaries and heavy hitters who have endorsed this initiative. Kendrick Lamar was robbed of Best Rap Album in 2014, and fans are still upset about it.

The announcement of Macklemore’s GRAMMY win sparked widespread resentment in the hip hop community. He not only won over the previously mentioned legends, but his record also defeated the predicted and worthy winner, Kendrick Lamar. Later that night, he admitted on Instagram that he shouldn’t have won the honor. After the show, he texted Kendrick Lamar.

You got robbed. I wanted you to win. You should have. It’s weird and sucks that I robbed you. I was gonna say that during the speech then the music started playing during my speech and I froze.

Nearly a decade later, music fans still don’t agree with the GRAMMYs’ plainly biased conclusion. The matter is still discussed on Twitter, and it tends to revolve around GRAMMY season.

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