Kristen Stewart is mostly known for her work in Twilight. She’s worked with many other actors such as Jesse Eisenberg, Chris Hemsworth and others since then. It seems that she’s ready to completely alleviate her former image.

Stewart is directing her own project. With the adaptation of the novelist Lidia Yuknavitch’s memoir titled “The Chronology of Water“, Stewart is all set to make her debut as a writer and director.

Nicole Kidman & Stewart were in conversation in Variety’s Actors on Actors series, when the Twilight actress started detailing her feelings about her upcoming project.

I’ve adapted a memoir by a novelist named Lidia Yuknavitch, and we just cast the lead role, which is monumentally relieving. I’ve been alone with this, in this vacuum, and it’s so nice to give something to someone, a friend and a partner, and say, ‘Help me.’ She’s the one who’s going to have to do it, and it’s really hard, so I’m over the moon.

It seems that Stewart has already brought in an investor. But she added that she wants the project to be small. She expressed that she felt bad asking another actress to come into this film and work on something that is her own particular project.

I talked to someone with a lot of money two days ago, and she seemed excited about the prospect, but I want it to be small. I think the best version of it really is. The freezing water that I’m going to throw this girl into, I already feel terrible. It’s such a huge ask to invite someone onto this particular thing. I think you would love it. The writing is so physical and so fiercely, ragingly female.

The Chronology of Water” would show the novelist reconciling with herself as she dealt with her addiction issues as well as come to terms with her bisexuality. It also features her association with the Boycott Divestment & Sanctions movement to counter the oppression by Israel on Palestine.

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