Foolio is a fascinating figure in rap music and he has quite a story to tell. Despite his apparent opposition, he still thrives. The Jacksonville drill rapper doesn’t even roll with security 24/7. There was a time when he wanted to get an education off the streets, but that didn’t work out.

The education system wasn’t for Foolio. He realized this when they kicked him out of school. This was a puzzling decision, because all he did was get shot while getting off the school bus.

While speaking to DJ Akademiks on Off The Record, Foolio retold the story of how he was kicked out of school. That propelled him back on the the Jax streets, and the life that came with it.

I was trying to go back to school and then when I healed up from the shooting and sh*t, [yeah, I was shot] getting off the school bus, literally. Once I got off the school bus, I took one step and got shot. So, when I finally healed up, I couldn’t walk or nothing, so when I finally healed up I tried to go to the same school and they were like, ‘you can’t come back here, you a threat da da da.'”

Foolio said that the shooting was a result of one of his opps getting shot and people thought he did it. After getting on Facebook and talking about “smoking” his opps, it was pretty much a done deal that some get back would occur. As it turns out, those posts, whether Foolio really shot that opp or not, got him expelled from school.

The Jacksonville rapper also dropped the whole education idea when the authorities made him attend. After he was a 12th grade age in 9th grade, Foolio gave it up for rap music.

We’ll never know what the world would be like if Foolio graduated from high school. He might have even became a teacher himself. Thankfully, things worked out for him and he’s making far more than a teacher’s salary while educating the everyone about his world through music.

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Transcription by Thirsty

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