DaniLeigh released a new photo of her daughter with DaBaby, and the two rappers’ gorgeous newborn girl looks exactly like them. The birth of DaniLeigh’s gorgeous baby girl was surrounded by speculation that DaBaby was the child’s father.

The rumors turned out to be true, but the two new parents have been having trouble co-existing and co-parenting in recent months, frequently venting their frustrations on social media. DaniLeigh updated her fans on her baby’s first year of life, sharing a new photo of her little one, who looks increasingly like both of her parents as they learn how to navigate this parenting road together.

“It’s safe to say DaBaby got some strong genes 😍😍,” said @theneighborhoodtalk. Another stated, “She looks like da baby to me but she definitely have her mama’s ears. She’s beautiful 😍.” A third user chimed in saying, “She a perfect combination of both of them.”

While it’s evident that she’d biologically take after her father and mother in terms of appearance, DaBaby’s child with Dani appears like a mash-up of the two rappers’ faces. Her serious eyes and nose are inherited from her father. In terms of her mouth, she appears to have inherited more of her mother’s features. Fans have also pointed out that the tiny child has Dani’s ears.

DaBaby certainly has strong genes, as evidenced by the photo, but DaniLeigh came through as well. Dani reported a few weeks ago that she and her baby had both tested positive for COVID-19. After more than ten days in quarantine, they appear to be on the mend.

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