Tom Holland and Zendaya made their relationship public in July, and now she’s joined him, his mother, and his siblings for a trip to the London theatre to see Harry Potter. The romance between Zendaya and Tom Holland is heating up, with the American actress accompanying the Spider-Man star on a romantic vacation to London to meet his family.

Last weekend, the 25-year-old Euphoria actress joined Tom’s mother, Nikki, and his brothers Harry, 22, Sam, 22, and Paddy, 17, for a trip to the theatre with Tom’s mother. At the Palace Theatre in London’s West End, the party saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

Zendaya was seen with a loving arm placed around 25-year-old Tom as they climbed into his car near his London house and raced away together. The duo have been dating for six months, and their relationship was confirmed last July after months of suspicion when they were caught furiously snogging in a car in Los Angeles.

While Zendaya has certainly seen Tom’s family while in London, he has met her family as well, with the young British actor visiting her mother in July of last year. The couple had been cautious about their relationship for weeks when asked about it, but as photos of them kissing surfaced last year, there was no more hiding the reality.

Tom intimated in November that he and Zendaya wanted to keep their relationship private as much as possible, while also affirming his love for her. Take a look at a couple of pictures from their outing below.

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