Lin-Manuel Miranda has been able to accomplish many things throughout his career. He is really close to winning an Oscar. Even with all of that under his belt, there is still one collaboration he has on his wish list.

The creator and star of Hamilton has been working non-stop as Miranda has become one of the most sought-after creatives on the silver screen and the theatrical stage. Most recently, his talents can be seen or heard on In the Heights and Encanto. The musical theatre giant is a hip-hop fan at heart and wants to do some work with Lil Wayne.

Wayne is considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. Considering that it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. During a recent chat with Rolling Stone Miranda revealed that Lil Wayne is on his list of collaborators.

“I find every verse he writes surprising and interesting. And then there’s folks in my part of the world, in musical theater, I’d love to collaborate with someday. Jeanine Tesori is someone who just never misses” Miranda said when asked about his dream collaborator.

“I have a lot of dental work that I didn’t get done last year because I had movie after movie after movie” Miranda continued. “I have a wisdom tooth that’s got to come out. Seriously, my desk is clear for the first time in my career because I’ve been trying to get In the Heights movie off the ground since 2008. That’s off my desk, Encanto‘s off my desk. Tick, Tick is off my desk. So, this is a year to refill my cup and read comic books and listen to podcasts and see what the next thing is. But I got a clear desk, so I’m going to tuck in the kids and just chill this year.”

We’ll have to see if this collaboration between Weezy and Alexander Hamilton actually happens. It is sure to gain a lot of attention if they can ever work things out.

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