Kim Kardashian definitely possesses a body to flaunt for people to see. Her photos attract millions of people praising her in the comments. This time she has gotten some harsh criticism for editing too much.

The Kardashians have been caught using editing apps multiple times to make themselves look flawless before posting pictures to social media. People have yet again been quick to come at her this time with the accusations. Fans were quick to notice her back leg looking distorted in one image, with a curve appearing behind her knee.

The reality star delighted the fans when she shared images from her recent Bahamas getaway with Pete Davidson. Kim wore a black thong bikini bottom and long-sleeved blacktop in the series of photos. Some believe these are a lead-up to her launching a Skims swimwear line.

As fans flocked to comment on the mishap, Kim was quick to delete the post and reuploaded the gallery without the picture in question. In the rest of the photos, Kim’s amazing body was on display. Kim even wore black gloves with her swimwear look, which had some fans asking who would wear those to the beach.

One fan on Twitter wrote, “Kim what happened to your leg?” while another hinted, “Kim, Kim, Kim… Your right leg is, uh…” A third also shared a screenshot of Kim’s deleted pic, “Kim K’s leg having an absolute normal one?” Meanwhile, another also joked, “RIP Kim’s knee”

Kim hasn’t directly addressed the Photoshop claims yet herself. The image imperfections might as well be down to angles or shadows but anything and everything on the internet gets the people going.

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