Hugh Hefner is facing a slew of allegations in connection with his Playboy Magazine. Some are accusing him, while others are defending him. Recently, he was charged with yet another misdemeanor: bribing people to keep quiet about his misdeeds.

According to Radar, Hugh Hefner allegedly paid people to “shut them up” about alleged misconduct at the Playboy Mansion, according to a new documentary about the magazine publisher and his famous mansion.

According to Secrets of Playboy, a new 10-part documentary airing on A&E that premiered Monday night, everyone from Hefner’s friends to exes to insiders familiar with the mansion’s goings-on were interviewed to reveal and shed light on his misdeeds.

“the hidden realities behind the glamorous façade of the Playboy empire over several decades.”

From the inside, not everything that happened at the Holmby Hills mansion was as magical and exciting as it may have appeared, because a number of people interviewed for the new series shared a variety of allegations and stories that, if true, would be nothing less than damning to Hefner’s legacy.

“Years later I started to realize that everyone in this environment put Hef on a pedestal and it wasn’t genuine. This was all an illusion,” Jennifer Saginor, the daughter of Hefner’s personal physician and who the majority of the first part of the documentary focused on, revealed.

“As a little kid, I was buying it, and the feminists just didn’t get it. As time went on, I saw some of the inconsistencies, I saw the tremendous hypocrisy.”

Saginor went on to describe her alleged experiences living at the Playboy Mansion with her mother in the 1970s and 1980s, calling it a “weird, f—-ed up place” because of certain things she witnessed while there.

“I would see [young women] naked with men all around them, on the floor on all fours, they were on drugs. It scared me. The men were laughing and I just remember thinking I never wanna be like these girls, running around like they’re animals. This wasn’t about empowerment of women. It was about the breaking down of a woman.”

According to Theodore, if anyone ever stepped out of line or attempted to turn on Hefner, he had blackmail ready to stop them. Garcia reiterated Theodore’s claims. Theodore and Garcia’s claims and allegations about Hefner and the mansion are shockingly similar to Holly Madison’s accusations. Let’s see what else comes to light. To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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