Foolio is recalling the time when he nearly died. Foolio is one of the most notorious names in his city. He has been involved in a lot of trouble but this time he is looking back at all of it.

Foolio opened up on recent interview on DJ Akademiks’ Off The Record podcast. He talked about a shooting incident that happened last year, which resulted in him nearly losing his life. Foolio went on to reveal that he had three guns with him at the time of the shooting, two on his person and another in the trunk of the car.

I walk out of the studio, I’m walking to my car. Anytime I walk anywhere, I got my gun in my hand, walking wherever in Jacksonville, that’s just how you gotta be. As soon as I get to sit down a little bit, n***as get to blowin’, pop, pop, pop, pop. I just see two n***as shootin’. I had located where the shots were comin’ from, like, ‘What the f*ck going on!? I’m dead, I know I’m dead.’ These n***as blowin’. So I leaned back, upped my gun and get to shootin’ back. I shoot my whole clip and sh*t. Them n***as dropped they clip at the scene, all type of sh*t. I thought I popped one of them b*tch ass n***as. I saw the car pull off. When I hopped out the car, I had one slide on and I’m running back up to the studio. I run up to the studio like, ‘Boy, you set me up!’ He’s like, ‘Hell nah!’ He showed me his messages, like, ‘I swear to God, on my mom!’

The Florida Rapper is infamous for calling out people that have wronged him, even if those being called out are already dead. Foolio has a years-long feud with Yungeen Ace and the rapper’s crew. He released numerous diss records against the ATK representative. In his disses, Foolio regularly dissing Ace’s deceased friends and family members.

Rappers like Yungeen Ace and Foolio have played a leading role in popularizing remixes of memorable hit records from the early 2000s. Foolio explained what drove him to make “When I See You”. Foolio also spoke about his diss track back-and-forth with Yungeen Ace.

The rapper explained how he felt after Ace’s viral hit “Who I Smoke” dropped. He talked about being jealous of Ace’s success and taking things too far. Answering whether he thinks he went too far, Foolio said, “Hell nah. Once dead people get mentioned, it’s already too far.” Man has no regrets.

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