Paris Hilton’s got married to Carter Reum in a glam wedding last November. Carter’s mother-in-law Kathy Hilton already has nickname for him.

On Jan. 24 episode of Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Kathy made an appearance on the show with her daughter, Paris Hilton to play a game on air where they gave advice to viewers. However, the conversation soon shifted to Hilton’s husband, Carter while they were answering a question.

Fallon said, “This one says, ‘I really want to quit my job and travel, but I’m afraid of finding work when I’m back. Should I just do it anyway?’” Hilton responded to Fallon, “I know who wrote this question…I think I do. I think it’s the Octopus, Carter.”

When the mother-daughter duo was asked by Fallon to explain who the octopus was, Hilton’s daughter explained, “She calls Carter the groomzilla and the octopus.” She added, “Because he’s got his mitts into everything,” 

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” later continued to talk about her daughter’s wedding and explained the reason behind Carter’s nickname . She said, “Paris is right, she goes, ‘Mommy, he means well,’ but he was offending me. He was calling the cake place, he was calling the band, he was calling the party planner, the hotels, everything… I said, this is not normal.”

Meanwhile, Season 12 of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is in the production phase and is expected to drop sometime later this year. You can check out a short clip of Kathy and Paris’ segment on the Tonight Show below.

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