Kanye West is considered as a visionary and creative mind unlike any other, despite his pranks frequently becoming popular topics. Wack shared his perspective into Kanye West’s mentality, which has been dubbed “brilliant” by some and “insane” by others.

Wack 100’s take on anything and everything can be easily found in the Clubhouse. Wack is one of those people who always expresse his ideas, regardless of what others believe, and this time he visited The Daily Read to talk about Kanye West.

Let me give you a description of where he’s at right now. This where he at ’cause I spent a lot of time with him. Think about your extreme to anything. He’s not going to look at the extreme. He’s thinking past the extreme.

Not only is he thinking past the extreme, he’s in that point in time trying to figure out how to accomplish it. Right? That supersedes the extreme. So, to us, we’re like, ‘Yo, you gon’ do what? Ah, man, you crazy as a mothaf*cker, man.’

Wack said that Ye told him that he wants to be a part of building the future, so he’s taking on designing and creating to attain his vision. Since it was known that he and Kim Kardashian were divorcing, there has been a surge in interest in Ye, and now that they both have new love partners, things have heated up even more.

Those who call Kanye “crazy” are “mental midgets,” according to Wack. They lack the ability to see the world as Ye does. Listen to Wack 100 on Clubhouse in the video below.

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