Former WWE Superstar Tyler Reks came forward about her transition into Gabbi Tuft last year. Tuft had a largely forgettable run in WWE and was ultimately released due to that. It seems she asked fans an interesting question recently as well.

We previously covered how Gabbi Tuft felt like she escaped from prison when she revealed that she was transitioning into being a woman. She ton a lot of support from fans and especially her wife, Priscilla.

Tuft’s transition has been a great one as she took to Instagram and uploaded a series of photos that detailed her insane progress after 1 1/2 years. She also gave an encouraging message to those who are going through what she is.

Progression over 1-1/2 years reminding us that transitioning takes time (swipe left).

When my interview on @extraTV in Feb 2021 went viral I had 99% positive responses from the entire world. The 1% though that felt the need to leave 🤮🤢 emojis, tell me I looked like a dude wearing makeup, threw insults, cursed me to hell, and said I’d always be a man – those comments ran deep.

Looking back now on the progression of my transition, starting with yesterday and moving slowly back to summer of 2020 (all compared to the 2016 photo on the right), it becomes apparent that the decision to transition from male to female is just that, a decision.

The actual process of transitioning takes years and has its ugly duckling phase…and it’s something that every trans person will experience.

I hope to change the outlook of a world that has the privilege of watching us through this incredible metamorphosis.

If we can eliminate fear and replace it with love and understanding, then perhaps my siblings will be free to live as who they truly are without the fear of ridicule and the fear of losing everything…including their lives.

I love you all.



Transitioning into a woman was certainly a hard task for Gabbi Tuft but she is now more than happy to be true to herself and no longer live a lie and for that, we applaud her.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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