Eminem is regarded as both a lyrical legend and a true pioneer. The rapper has been reaching new heights since the beginning of 2022, with many of his past songs acquiring fame and serious listens. This is great news to his fans as their constant plays helped Eminem’s Without Me surpass 1 billion streams on Spotify.

Eminem’s Without Me was released in 2002 and won fans’ hearts. This is Eminem’s third song on the streaming site to reach this milestone.

“Without Me” has been shattering all kinds of records in terms of streaming statistics in recent weeks. It was the most-streamed song of the decade, with a million or more streams added every day.

Eminem’s music continues to attract new listeners on a daily basis. This success is just one shining proof of it.

Slim Shady should be used to these landmarks at this point. Even Fack just saw a big milestone.

Eminem has always motivated his fans through his songs. His supporters always try their best to show their support for their favorite artist. For further updates on Eminem’s achievements, stay tuned to Thirsty.

Listen to Eminem — “Without Me” below:

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