Nicki Minaj had a sigh of relief after the lawsuit against her by Jennifer Hough was dismissed. She then vowed to go after Jennifer to recover the money lost in legal fees. However, it seems her legal troubles are not over yet.

Last August, Hough, Minaj’s husband’s Kenneth Petty’s alleged rape victim filed a lawsuit against Minaj. In her lawsuit, Hough accused the rapper of intimidation and harassment but recently, news surfaced that the case was dismissed.

Now, it appears that the case will be moved from New York to California where Minaj and Petty reside. According to Rolling Stone, Hough’s attorney, Steven N. Gordon told a judge that they planned to refile in a “court with proper jurisdiction.” The news comes as a blow to her fans who were thrilled with the news of the lawsuit against her getting dismissed.

Steven told the outlet, “We still feel very strongly about the merits of the case against both of them.” However Minaj’s lawyer, Judd Burstein, doesn’t believe Hough and her team will be able to flip the verdict even if they move the case to the Golden State. Judd said in a statement,

“This is just a frivolous gambit to avoid a sanctions motion which I told them that I would be filing shortly and for which they refuse to set a schedule, As usual, they have decided to adopt a tactic without bothering to research the law. Had they done so, they would realize that re-filing their frivolous action in another jurisdiction will only result in another court sanctioning them.”

Meanwhile, Petty reportedly has to return to court for sentencing in March in another connection to the charges that he failed to register as a sex offender in California. You can watch Hough’s interview on Nicki Minaj below.

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