Kris Jenner’s prowess as a businesswoman is well known by this point. However, her mom skills are even better. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are going through a very public split and Kris Jenner always has advice for her daughter.

Kim was recently forced to deal with Kanye claiming he is being kept from his children’s birthday parties and allegedly singing about beating up Kim’s new beau Pete Davidson. As this divorce drama heats up Kim is grateful to have the support of her mother Kris. According to a Hollywoodlife source, Kim will be just fine with Kris by her side.

“Everybody knows what a strong and independent woman Kim is. But that doesn’t mean she couldn’t use some support every now and then. She’s going through a lot with this Kanye drama, and she couldn’t be more grateful for her mom during this time. Kris really is the glue that keeps the family together and Kim doesn’t know what she’d do without her.”

That’s not all. Kris was a rock for Kim during Chicago’s birthday party by spending time with Kanye and keeping everyone in a good mood. Kris knew her daughter needed her at that moment. Kim is also appreciative that her mom took that initiative.

Kris has always been Kim’s biggest supporter. For many years, Kris supported Kanye and tried to alleviate any fights that the two had. While Kris has been a rock for Kim, she also is the first one to call out any wrongdoing that she sees. It seems Kris will not tolerate her family, or Kim, being disrespected in any way.

As for Kanye West, he needs to respect his ex-wife and her boundaries. Although  Ye has been dating Julia Fox, it seems he is not over Kim yet. Hopefully, the pair will continue a congenial split while keeping their kids in mind as well.

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