Arnold Schwarzenegger is a legendary figure in the film industry. The actor lead the action genre for decades. We recently reported that Schwarzenegger was engaged in a catastrophic car accident, so bad that his huge SUV rolled over on top of another vehicle, seriously injuring the driver.

At around 5:00 p.m. PT, Arnold was driving a Yukon SUV when it crashed with a red Prius. His SUV began to roll, landing on top of the Prius before continuing to the left and colliding with a Porsche Cayenne. Latest updates from TMZ reveal that the accident was Arnold’s fault.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, they believe the accident was Arnold’s fault. They say he was turning left but there was a left turn arrow that was still red. Arnold was not ticketed.

The driver of the second car, an unidentified woman, was injured and was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. According to ABC 7, no one has been detained, and alcohol is not thought to have played a role. As an SUV and a Prius were being taken away from the site, the news station acquired an aerial look.

Jake Steinfeld was also present at the scene at the time of the crash. The two of them are close friends, in fact when Arnold was Governor of California, Jake was the Chairman of the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness. Currently it’s a developing story. We will be on the lookout for more updates.

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Gunjan Nath

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