Teen Moms always seem to get the bad rep.  Jenelle Evans is by far the most critiqued mother from the group. Evans may not be in the new Teen Mom reunion show but she’s always on the spotlight and some people think that should change.

Jenelle Evans gets dragged for everything she does. Whether its her highly publicized medical problems, cringey Tik-Tok videos or her relationship with her husband and kids. Some people believe, Jenelle acts for attention and others hold the opinion that its who she really is.

Needless to say, Jenelle’s presence on the internet is always entertaining. The Teen Mom Subreddit is more often than not littered with Jenelle-related posts. A fed up member of the subreddit posted “Jenelle has been off the show for so long, but she’s the most talked about in this sub. Can we lay her to rest already and stop giving her attention?”

The post has now been removed by the mods for being meta. Its certainly not the first time that such a request has been made. However, the majority of the fans are not in favor of the request.


One commenter explained the philosophy behind the girl everyone loves to hate: “To be honest, Jenelle’s sh*t show is good entertainment. With every post about her I’m surprised with what she came up with. One day it’s her horrible tiktoks, the next day she’s on the verge of death with her mysterious symptoms. The fact she keeps choosing her swampman/she shed/drama/lawsuits/and so on… over her kids amazes me. She can’t grow up I think. And that is “fascinating” to read.” Other comments denied the OP the request quite respectfully. Seems like the council has spoken.

Can there ever be too much Jenelle content? Let us know in the comments below!

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