Kodak Black never seems to get out of trouble. Just when the rapper thought he was starting to put his legal troubles behind him, he was arrested at the begging of this year on trespassing charges. However, the trespassing charges has now been dropped and his attorney has a lot to say about it.

According to hotnewhiphop, Kodak was at the Golden Acres public housing development for celebrating the New Year with relatives. Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, revealed that the rapper was allegedly standing near his Lamborghini, which was parked in a driveway when officers approached. Kodak was arrested on a trespassing charge in connection to a cease-and-desist letter that he reportedly received four months prior.

“I think they made the arrest so they could search him and search his vehicle that was legally parked and try to find something that was a bigger charge than trespassing,” Cohen told Rolling Stone. “I think it was embarrassing that they ended up arresting him for trespass, and the case was never filed on because there was no probable cause to make the arrest.”

Cohen then took to his Instagram and added: “Case dismissed yesterday, the State agreed that this arrest and charge were not warranted Quick legal discussion, a cease and desist letter is not a trespass notice. A cease and desist to a corporation is not notice to an individual. An invite to a home, by the legal renter/occupant, cannot be trespassed by a landlord.”

Previously, Kodak was prosecuted on federal weapons charges in May 2019 while attempting to purchase firearms. He was out on bond for sexual assault charged in South Carolina at the time. Although we were aware that the case was expected to have this outcome, we can imagine Kodak breathing a sigh of relief.

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