Kanye West is often in the headline these days. Ye is known for his proclivity towards causing controversies. Kanye West has been attempting to meet with Michael Jordan for a while for some reason.

West wants to meet Michael Jordan face to face. Marcus Jordan, Michael Jordan’s son, hinted at the possibility of a Yeezy-MJ collaboration in an Instagram message that appeared to be organized by a mutual friend, DJ Khaled.

On Friday, January 21, Kanye released the Air Jordan logo to Instagram, along with a slide showcasing Marcus Jordan’s comments foreshadowing a Yeezy-Jordan collaboration.

“Let’s make that convo happen @DJKhaled @KanyeWest & Pops … IT’S A NEW YEARRRR. NEW TEETH, NEW STORES, NEW WATCHES, NEW WHIPS, AND NEW CONVOS.”

The pressure for a meeting between Ye and Jordan could have started during Kanye and DJ Khaled’s studio session on Friday morning (January 21). Yeezy flew to Miami and made a visit to Khaled’s mansion, where they planned another collaboration.

DJ Khaled even broke through the sole of a pair of 2009 Nike Air Yeezy I’s in the middle of a recording session. Kanye West claimed Michael Jordan was still furious at him for his “Yeezy jumped over Jumpman” insult on The Life of Pablo’s closing track “Facts” during his November Drink Champs interview.

“[Michael] Jordan still won’t meet with me. I’m trying to meet with Michael Jordan. I’m like, ‘It’s a song, man.’ Michael Jordan said this thing like, ‘Why y’all acting like Virgil [Abloh] made me hot? These shoes is hot.’”

Through a tweet Kanye previously apologized to Michael for his “Jumpman” statement in 2016, clarifying that it was meant at Nike’s former CEO Mark Parker. Now let’s see Michael agrees to meet with Kanye or not. What do you think, what will be Michael’s reply? Let us know in the comments. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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