Gunna has made “Pushin P” an international trend. The rapper started promoting his new P emoji more aggressively amid the recent release of DS4EVER. The project now has topped the Billboard charts.

“The Maury Show” never fails to capitalize off pop culture moments. The rapper’s “Pushin P” trend has taken over all social media platforms. Fans and artists are flooding social media timelines and comment sections with blue “P” emojis. It seems businesses and television shows want in on the action

Maury is known to be quite messy when dealing with their mentions of trending pop culture. They recently took a dig at Drake over the “hot sauce” controversy. This time, they kept things on the downlow as the show’s Twitter account shared, “We’re always pushing [blue P emoji]aternity tests.” 

Maury’s team wasn’t the only one pulling in followers from the trend. Nike also shared their “Pushin P” addition. tweeted, “We had an internal meeting, and without getting into details, we’re pushin [blue P emoji] all year,” 

The recent attention from businesses and shows to Gunn’s trend is certainly amusing for him. Recently, Gunna laughed about a television news report also mentioning his new phrase. Reality star Kim Kardashian has also been “Pushin P” in the captions of her recent vacation photos. 

Shubham Banerjee

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