Jenelle Evans may not be in the new MTV Teen Mom reunion but she is making sure she’s always in the spotlight. Jenelle has surprised the audience once again. Apparently, the Redditors are calling out Jenelle once again, and this time, it’s because of her search history.

Recently a user published Jenelle’s video to kick off a Reddit discussion. Jenelle can be seen dancing wearing sweatpants and lingerie. Fans didn’t lose the chance to roast her again. The headline of the discussion read: Lingerie & sweatpants.

A Redditor said: “The things she thinks are sexy will forever blow my mind. Gut hanging out of her lingerie while chugging a Corona? Post that shit for the world to see! Shaking her nonexistent ass at every opportunity for a little attention? Done and done! Being a functioning human being and mother to her herd of children? Nah, those are the days when she’s either bedridden with whatever mysterious illness she’s diagnosed herself with that week or crying about how she’s a victim of what is usually self-inflicted drama. She’s so desperate for attention, it’s embarrassing. She’s the cringiest person on this planet, I swear.”

Another stated: “This looks like my dancing (minus the lingerie) when I have a drunk girls night. Except there’s no videos of it, and I’m not alone in my shed. Hahaha.”

A third person chimed in: “When I first started dating my husband, I would blow so much money on VS, that stuff is garbage these days and so expensive. When if feel like getting something decent without blowing a lot of cash, I check out marshalls and tjmaxx. They actually have really cute stuff, especially since Valentine’s Day is coming up.”

A commentator pointed out: “I think I figured out part of why she looks so bad when she’s trying to dance with her butt She’s like.. spreading everything out. And moving it around as much as possible. She needs to not open her legs and bend over, that isn’t dancing. She also needs to move less. Like small controlled movements are more flattering than this chaotic shit she does”

The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the video from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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