Nas is looking to expand his business empire. The New York rapper has certainly amassed an impressive portfolio over the years. He recently invested $20M dollars in a company.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Nas has invested in African Mobile Games company publisher Carry1st in a recent financing round. The rapper joined big names like Google, video game developer Riot Games, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz and others in this investment.

Carry1st issued a statement detailing their future ambitions and how they plan to use this $20M dollars they raised. The company said the money will be used to expand it’s content portfolio and product/ engineering teams to acquire tens of millions of new users, while simultaneously working on game co-development. Co-founder and CEO Cordel Robbin-Coker said in a statement,

“We’re excited to partner with this world-class group of investors who, in addition to capital, bring expertise across gaming, fintech, and web3, In 2021, we launched multiple games and digital commerce solutions achieving really strong growth. Together we can accelerate this growth and achieve our goal of becoming the leading consumer internet company in the region.”

Nas, one of the smaller investors in this round. Alongside his music and film career, the rapper has a massive portfolio which includes investments in more than 100 companies. His fund has put money into crypto exchange Coinbase Global Inc., cloud storage firm DropBox Inc. and ride-hailing service Lyft Inc.  

Just last August, Nas became the co-owner of Escobar Cigars. In 2014 he told Fast Company, “When I heard the word ‘investment’ in school, I was hooked,” The rapper added as a kid he was fascinated by the “guys behind the scenes” who make things happen and make “dreams come true”. You can check out a clip of Nas discussing his success with Coinbase below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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