NBA great, LeBron James definitely showed signes of being quite the proud poppa recently. In all honesty there was reason for that showing of pride, as his son, Bryce, made his very first in-game dunk. Following in his father’s footsteps much? We certainly think so.

Born in 2007, the 14 year old plays in the Gold Coast (CIF) league where he plays the position of Guard for the Sierra Canyon School. He has been displaying quite a bit of skill so far this season and this dunk just proves that he’s well on his way to following in his dad’s footsteps for sure.

Big shoes to fill indeed, but Bryce looks ready to take on the challenge, and as mentioned, LeBron seems willing to have someone else take a bit of the attention away, too.

Bryce is LeBron’s youngest son. The in-game dunk has gotten quite a wee bit of attention for a reason…the skillset is obvious and it certainly looks like the apple did not at all fall very far from the proverbial tree.

As claims, Bryce must certainly be happy to have garnered himself a highlight – his career first – for millions to watch online. Can he handle the pressure? With the showing of support his father showed him though, and with the boasting “Uh-Oh,” on his Instagram post, it looks like he’s got his boy’s back for sure.

As for LeBron, he’s just made it past Stephen Curry and is in the lead for NBA players in All-Star voting. The polls close Saturday, as ESPN reports. The man has had quite the career, which quite obviously goes well beyond just this piece of news, but is included here to show the man has had quite the week so far, as well. Let’s see if that good fortune can last until tomorrow’s game against Orlando at 7PM EST.

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