Britney Spears was finally free from her 13-year conservatorship a couple of months ago, after a longstanding battle to fight for her rights. After she was free, many fans wondered what is next in store for her. It was previously reported that she has no interviews planned with Oprah or anyone else for that matter. It seems Jamie Lynn Spears responded to Britney Spears recently.

As reported earlier, Britney Spears unfollowed her younger sister Jamie Lynn on Instagram. This is despite the fact Jamie Lynn is still following Britney Spears on Instagram.

In an interview that aired last week on “Nightline,” Jamie Lynn Spears admitted that she wrote in her memoir that over the years Britney’s conduct was “erratic,” “paranoid” and “spiraling.”

Britney Spears responded to that by making it clear she was disgusted with her sister. In light of this, Jamie Lynn Spears told Britney to stop embarrassing herself. Britney threatened a lawsuit against her sister as well, but Jamie had yet to receive a cease and desist letter. However, she would eventually get it.

As revealed by TMZ, Jamie Lynn Spears’ attorney, Bryan Freedman, sent a strongly-worded letter to Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, in response to Britney’s letter. Freedman stated that it is interesting  Britney and her lawyer have attacked Jamie Lynn for mudslinging, claiming they took the high road.

Fredman noted that some of Britney’s recent social media posts directed at Jamie Lynn, including the ones where Britney stated she should have slapped Jamie and their mother. The attorney stated that Britney has mobilized her fans to threaten the lives of Jamie Lynn and her family.

The attorney found it bizarre that Rosengart didn’t read Jamie Lynn’s book before sending the cease and desist letter. Fredman said that in the book, Jamie Lynn is kind to Britney, characterizing her as “kind, supportive and a protective sister.” We will keep you updated on this ongoing story.

Subhojeet Mukherjee

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