Candace Owens has often made her distrustfulness of Covid vaccines known. The deadly pandemic began almost two years ago and has a death toll in millions. Despite that, Candace continues to spread misinformation, putting the life of other people at risk.

The conservative pundit recently called out Stephen A. Smith for his comments about the vaccine. Earlier this week, during an episode of First Take, Stephen made his much anticipated return to the sports show. He addressed the reason for his absence.

Stephen explained he had been hospitalized with a serious case of Covid, but he managed to survive only because he was jabbed. Stephen said, “it hit me differently. [Doctors] told me, had I not been vaccinated, I wouldn’t be here. That’s how bad I was.” He added, he had pneumonia in both his lungs and his liver condition was “bad.”

However, Candace was not happy with Stephen’s claims about the vaccine. She took to Twitter to unleash her staunch anti-vax rhetoric. Owens wrote in her tweet,

“Stephen A. Smith caught Covid, was hospitalized with severe symptoms, and *almost* died. He believes that this is proof that the vaccine he received, worked.Because he only *almost* died. We did it y’all. We’ve reached peak stupidity as a species.”

Owens later shared another tweet to add to her criticism of Stephen and others who claimed the vaccine is helpful. She wrote sarcastically in her tweet,

 “2020: Get vaxxed so you won’t catch or spread it!/2021: You can still catch & spread it but won’t get severely ill or hospitalized/2022: So you caught it and were hospitalized, but at least you didn’t die!/Next: you can still die but expect minimal suffering. Safe & effective!” 

This isn’t the first time Candace has portrayed a false narrative about Covid. Just earlier this month she made headlines when she alleged Bob Saget’s death was because he got the vaccine. It’s disappointing to see Candace use her influence to spread misinformation.

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Shubham Banerjee

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