Kelly Rizzo, Bob Saget’s widow, spoke out for the first time since her husband’s passing earlier this month, and her homage to him is both moving and painful Kelly sent a lengthy statement on Instagram, which was accompanied by a photo of her and Bob.

Kelly Rizzo says she has no regrets about what she and Bob Saget talked about just before he died in an Orlando hotel room, and that their final conversation was completely symbolic of Bob’s entire life. Kelly sobbed as she recalled his routine during road trips

Bob’s widow told Hoda Kotb on Today that she thought she’d finally reached a point where she could cry no more at her husband’s tragic death, but then she sobbed again as she talked about how much Bob loved her and everyone in his life.

Every time he would be out of town he would always try to … he would work so hard, and he loved to sleep in, but when he was away, he would still go to bed at 2 and wake up at 4.

That final conversation, Kelly said Hoda, was very much how they typically communicated to each other. She claims Bob was all about loving the people in his life and letting them know it.

In fact, she said she was always amazed at how he found time to chat to everyone and tell them how much he loved them. It’s easy to understand the outpouring of affection we’ve witnessed for Bob after his death when you watch Kelly talking about him and how much he cared about his friends.

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