Mary Cosby has finally spoken about her absence in Real Housewives reunion. Mary’s reputation of making racist comments at the show faced a strong backlash earlier and she’s now afraid to be on screen.

Mary Cosby’s absence from the Real Housewives reunion was because she didn’t want to be grilled by Andy Cohen over controversies about her church and accusations of racism. Cosby made an appearance on Twitter Spaces where she spilled the tea about why she decided to skip the RHOSLC reunion. She also spoke out in an interview posted by Brough Chat, during which she blasted the reality show.

Mary has been previously accused of comparing Shah to a “Mexican thug” and then later doubling down on referring to Jennie Nguyen as having “slanted eyes.” The cast was heading into filming the show’s reunion last week, with expectations that the Cosby would address her comments. Yet, subsequent reports indicated that she would willfully skip the meeting.

Reunion host Andy Cohen has since confirmed her absence, as well as explained the reason she didn’t show up. Based on his tone, it would seem that Mary Cosby really isn’t returning to the series after all. Cohen revealed on his Radio Andy show:

“I had a sense [Mary Cosby wouldn’t show up]. I spoke to her on New Year’s Eve a few hours before I went on the air. We had a long talk and it’s her story to tell, but I got the sense that she was not finding gratitude in being on the show anymore.”

Days after news broke that Cosby didn’t show up to the RHOSLC reunion, she posted an article on Instagram with a quote that called reality television toxic. “Reality shows have a negative impact on our children in more ways than one,” the article alleged. “These shows focus on bullying, aggressive behavior, unhealthy competition, and kids often tend to confuse reality TV with the real world.”

Bravo reunions tend to create more drama than the original arguments in a season. It’s the best that Mary Cosby bowed out of the RHOSLC’s as it likely wouldn’t have gone well if she tried to defend herself.

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