The Cleveland Browns didn’t have a lot to be happy with this year. The Baker Mayfield experiment is quickly careening out of control. The Browns missed the playoffs with an 8-9 record. Cleveland’s offseason is even off to a bad start.

According to the New York Post, the troublesome Cleveland player is now facing even more legal issues. McDowell was detained in Florida after an incident in Deerfield Beach. Malik was allegedly seen wandering about naked near a learning facility for students.

New 911 audio acquired by TMZ Sports showed a lady hurriedly rushing kids into lockdown while NFL player Malik McDowell was roaming naked nearby. A female can be heard on the phone telling dispatch that a man was “naked walking the premises” in Deerfield Beach, Fla., subsequently identified as Cleveland Browns defensive player McDowell.

The call is redacted, so it’s unclear where the woman is phoning from, but it appears she’s calling from the school where McDowell was last seen walking before his arrest on Monday afternoon, according to officers. The woman then told dispatch McDowell was “out front.”

You’re going to go into lockdown,. You’re going to have to take these kids into the bathroom, OK? Yes. One-by-one. He’s just walking up and down in front of the building. He’s completely naked.

“Whitney, help them get into their safe places!” the lady can be heard shouting again on the call, as she appears to hustle the youngsters into lockdown. Meanwhile, two additional callers pleaded with dispatch to send authorities to the site as soon as possible, describing McDowell as completely naked.

Malik McDowell appeared in his first NFL games this season. McDowell was a solid contributor, picking up three sacks and 19 tackles. McDowell was eventually arrested for aggravated battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and exposing himself in public.

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H/T to TMZ.

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