Eminem’s contributions to hip-hop culture is incalculable. Slim Shady’s achievements continue to mount one by one. The legendary rapper is also not afraid to remind audiences about his humble roots, as he was poor as a child and was depicted as such in the film 8 Mile.

The Rock recently teased a behind-the-scenes footage from the set of his branded energy drink commercial. The athlete is seen executing the walk of hell while wearing 54 kilos of chain around his neck with Eminem’s song “Till I Collapse” playing in the background.

It’s unknown whether the track will be included in the finished film, but the fact that The Rock needed to be motivated by the anthem is impressive. The Rock then quoted the song lyrics in the caption.

‘Til the roof comes off, ’til the lights go out
‘Til my legs give out
I’ma rip this shit ’til my bones collapse 
~ @eminem

Was intense, but we had fun shooting our bad ass @zoaenergy commercial that will air next month 

120LBS of chains  wrapped around my neck, as we filmed  this “walk of hell” multiple times – so my legs were fucked up and on  at this point but the energy and mana in the gym carried us thru.

The Rock is a dominant force in Hollywood and brings huge star power to any film he acts in. The Rock has millions of admirers hanging on his every word and each social media post gets the limelight because of that.

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