JAY-Z’s Team Roc has been putting pressure on the Department of Justice to speak up about the criminality, abuse, and corruption within the Kansas City Police Department (KCKPD). Team Roc, with the support of Midwest Innocence Project Executive Director Tricia Rojo Bushnell, filed an open letter in October 2021.

The letter officially asks that the KCKPD be investigated thoroughly by the federal government. Because the DOJ continues to ignore the letters. Team Roc is now taking other steps to bring more police misbehavior to light. Team Roc has issued a new open letter in response to the Department of Justice’s egregious silence on the Kansas City Kansas Police Department’s misconduct.

TEAM Roc and the Midwest Innocence Project demand that the Department of Justice (DOJ) intensify its investigations into vast claims of corruption, coercion, rape, and murder committed or facilitated by the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department (KCKPD). Until this office does convict several police officers and hopefully gain the cooperation of some of these police officers, the situation in Kansas City, Kansas, will only deteriorate.

Team Roc and the Midwest Innocence Project have obtained facts and evidence from eight FBI investigations into Kansas City, Kansas, dating back to the 1990s, including allegations of corruption, civil rights abuses, and bigotry. The FBI’s belief is also acknowledged in the letter.

On behalf of Team Roc, attorney Alex Spiro wrote to Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke on December 20th, 2021. Spiro requested that the DOJ begin a pattern-or-practice investigation on the KCKPD, but has yet to hear back.

As if the open letters weren’t enough, Team Roc also published a movie with the victims’ families providing firsthand accounts of what is going on within the KCKPD. While Team Roc awaits a response from the Department of Justice, they have not disclosed their future plans.

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