T-Pain recently came out swinging and dropped some knowledge for young artists. He used himself as an example and accused artists of not using “imagination and research” to take their careers to the next level.

There are music creators who believe they need a particular set of equipment to make music. However, when it comes to T-Pain it’s a whole different game. In his long successful career he has been able to maintain a reputable standing among his peers. T-Pain knows how to pen down a hit track and make magic happen with his talents.

The “Bartender” artist took to Instagram to share his enthusiastic attitude with other creators. He explained he was scheduled to do some filming but weather caused the location to cancel but even without it, he made it work because nothing can stop art.

T-Pain also said there’s no excuse for your music to sound bad and people get mad at him when he rates their music. He also claimed it doesn’t take fancy equipment to make music but “imagination and research.”

“All them ppl that get pissed off at me when I rate their music and I tell them there’s no excuse for your sh*t to sound bad and they all go ‘well not everybody has a bunch of money to spend on fancy equipment’ and I’m like. Bro. It don’t take nothin but imagination and research. I woke up this morning and literally looked up ‘how to properly light green screen’ and ‘how to shoot green screen with things around the house.”

The rapper revealed when he got up that morning he looked up how to properly set up a screen green and set up the film set all by himself. He added that people need to have a passion that surpasses that of their peers. You can check out his post below.

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Shubham Banerjee

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