Rod Wave scared his followers in 2021 when he released a new song titled “Nirvana.” Wave is back in 2022 with fresh music. He just closed a $15 million deal for this new song and also indicated that he is tired of music.

Rod Wave returned on Monday, January 17 to kick off 2022 with the gloomy “Cold December” and “By Your Side” two-pack, which was a pleasant sight for fans of the R&B-rap hybrid. Fittingly, the “Cold December” video begins the love song with a quotation about being selfish and not succumbing to your own ego, which is something Rod Wave isn’t ready to do.

Following the release of the song, the Florida native came to Instagram Live to inform followers that he merely released “Cold December” to fulfill his $15 million contract with Alamo Records and Sony Music Entertainment. Later on Monday’s IG Live, Rod Wave revealed how he plans to shift out of the spotlight and retire as a recording artist since he’s “weary” of the music industry.

“I was in a $15 million deal contract that I was trying to close on and they was like, they need that song. That’s the only reason why I dropped that sh*t. But I wasn’t never gon’ drop that sh*t if you want to be technical.”

“I’m only here for a little longer and when I say that as in Rod Wave. I’m only here for a little money. I’ll leave y’all straight though. I gave y’all straight crack. Nobody was f*cking with me with that pen.”

The 22-year-old went on to explain how he dislikes being the focus of attention or having his name in the news. He even acknowledged that his time on stage is difficult since he wants to conclude concerts as quickly as possible because his heart is pounding.

“This shit not really me. I’m not no people person or no center-of-attention ass n***a. I hate attention, man. I can’t get on the internet without seeing my face or name… It’s kinda like you sell your soul, bro.”

“You say it’s not you, but for $300,000 that would be me… Every show my heart’s beating real fast, my palms sweating. I’m uncomfortable and I’m trying to get off the stage as fast as possible.”

Rod Wave’s SoulFly album was published in March 2021, with the deluxe edition following months later in August. In 2022, he was supposed to release his fourth studio album. It remains to be seen if this will be the case, as Rod has no desire to do so. For further updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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Shivangini Rawat

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