NLE Choppa and NBA YougBoy are currently at odds, with numerous stories claiming that they are feuding. The two rappers used to be buddies, but something has changed in their friendship. The rivalry between them has now spread to their supporters.

On Monday night January 17, NLE Choppa was wandering through an airport when a man arrived out of nowhere to start a fight with him. Despite video showing the 19-year-old rapper landing the first and probably only punch, the person afterwards boasted about “beating NLE’s ass.”

Shortly after the video went viral, NLE Choppa promptly clarified the situation on social media before removing his posts. The Neighborhood Talk was able to get a couple of screenshots before they were taken down. Those shots showed Choppa admitting he slipped after throwing the initial jab, just like the video depicts.

I be at peace minding my business but the devil work overtime to bring negativity to someone who seeks positivity. Begging y’all to leave me alone, I’m not one of them no matter how much I’ve changed. I’ll put anybody under I got a daughter, a son on the way, and family to feed.

It’s a difference from getting hit and falling then fighting in flip flops and falling on yo own. I fell throwing a punch Ian get hit til I was otw down [crying laughing emojis] and my backpack 20 pounds. Buddy lip swole everything I through connected. My whole ankle rolled I got ice onnat how rn.

We hope everyone involved in this violent incident was able to walk away unharmed. NBA YoungBoy has yet to comment on the incident. Meanwhile, You can check out some clips from the incident and the deleted posts below.

What’s your take on the video? Sound off in the comments.

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