Young Dolph’s tragic passing had an huge impact to those around him. Fellow artist and cousin of Dolph, Key Glock took it especially hard. Glock had known Dolph all his life and he is even signed to Dolph’s Paper Route Empire label. The label helps out young artists by giving them a platform in the industry that can be hard to navigate in.

Following Dolph’s death, Key Glock has been going around looking for ways to honor his late cousin. On Jan. 19 he took to Twitter with a video that showcases the rapper’s brand new chain. The chain has a Jesus pendant attached to the end of it. However, what really catches the eye, are the blue diamonds embedded in it.

Glock wrote in the caption, “I went and got some blue diamonds to let em know you still around.” This isn’t first time the rapper did something in remembrance of Young Dolph. Just last November, Glock got a photorealistic tattoo of Dolph’s face.

It’s safe to say Glock will always have Dolph in his heart. Although, Dolph is no more with us, his legacy is one that will live on forever. The late rapper was surrounded with people who cared for him and Key Glock is an shining example of that.

Meanwhile, fans are excited to see Glock grow over the years and watch him carry Dolph’s mantle forward. It’d be fun to watch Paper Route Empire shape the next generation of rappers.

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Shubham Banerjee

Shubham is a computer science student. His love for technology, gadgets and coding pushed him to pursue a career in this field. Seeing his friends working for thirsty inspired him to write stuff. He loves information , reads about anything and everything and thirsty provided him a way to share this passion for being informed with the world in a mutually beneficial manner His personal interests include photography , exploring all kinds of music and football. Being disappointed with Barcelona's performance in Europe is the only constant in his life.

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