Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn Spears claims she was treated similarly to her older sister, Britney, when she was pregnant as a teenager in the mid-2000s, and it got so severe that she almost broke the law.

In her memoir, “Things I Should Have Said,” the former Nickelodeon star discusses her attempts to gain freedom from her parents, and she went into greater depth about that dark period on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast.

JL claims she engaged lawyers and filed documentation in her battle for independence when she was just 16 years old. It was after her parents separated her from the outside world, including her then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge, after learning she’d gotten pregnant.

Jamie says her parents were extremely restrictive during her pregnancy, cutting her off from all outside communication out of concern that the pregnancy would be revealed. They were also dealing with Britney’s extremely public breakdown at the moment.

Jamie Lynn claims to have been generally unaware of what was going on with Brit, admitting she was preoccupied with her own drama and troubles. Jamie claims she continued to be heavily monitored by her family after she had the child against her parents’ wishes. After the story had spread, she realized she’d never be able to break out from under their collective thumbs until she went to court.

Jamie Lynn claims that her mother, Lynne, was served with emancipation papers, but that in the end, they came to an agreement that allowed Jamie to buy her own home and start her own family.

There’s also additional information regarding Britney’s episodes here. Jamie Lynn recalls how her mother would frequently fly out to handle a Britney-related situation whenever one arose, which she claims became increasingly common. Jamie Lynn, once again, denies knowing specifics, claiming that her parents and the rest of the team maintained things on a need-to-know basis.

With that said, Jamie claims she recalls exactly where she was when she found out Britney had shaved her head and it appears the whole ordeal has harmed her younger sister as well. She sobs as she recounts and processes everything and it clearly has an impact on her. The ‘CHD’ episode dropped in full Tuesday at midnight.

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