Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spear’s sister, has received a lot of attention lately. Jamie recently published a book in which she discusses Britney’s family issues. Despite the fact that the book has only been out for a few hours, it has already received one rating on Amazon.

Things I Should Have Said: Family, Fame, and Figuring It Out, the pop star’s baby sister’s book, was released, and she vowed to share her perspective on Britney’s conservatorship and her family’s issues. Britney and her followers have both blasted the book as exploitative. Many accuse Jamie Lynn of exploiting her sister’s suffering once more.

Britney went berserk on Instagram over the promotion of the book. She called her sibling “scum” and said the allegations she told were false. Britney’s followers have now taken matters into their own hands, taking over the Amazon page for Jamie Lynn’s book. In the last few hours, the memoir has received 14 reviews, all of which are written by Britney admirers urging others not to buy the book.

“I read this book and a lot of the things that were stated are lies. She mentioned things about Britney Spears, Sam Lufti, and her old costar Alexi which all publicly called Jaime Lynn a liar.”

“Also, Jaime Lynn stated this book is not about Britney, however, she mentions Britney 230 times for clout. I do not recommend this book at all.”

“You’ve already wasted too much of your precious time even finding this book on Amazon. It’s written by a spoiled child who can’t let go of the fact that she is less talented than her big sister Britney so instead she finds her grubby little hands to her coattails.”

“Did you know the original title was ‘I Must Confess’? The title of this book should be ‘How To Be A Grifter for Dummies’. At least she’d be being honest with herself and the rest of us. Save your money for the real story from Britney herself.”

“She should be ashamed and to do this when her sister has finally gotten some freedoms back.”

Despite the backlash, Britney’s boyfriend Sam is presently attempting to negotiate a settlement with the pop singer and her baby sister, according to Radar. Let’s wait and see if things settle down later. For further updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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