Fat Joe definitely has a sense of right and wrong in him. There could be plenty of things in life which you could label as bad or evil. Fat Joe has stated that he ensures that everyone in his home is aware of their financial condition. Joe has to put his foot down when his kids want to flex like other celebrity kids.

We typically think of celebrities’ offspring as a generation that has reaped the rewards of their parents’ fame. It’s easy to find photographs of rappers’ children flaunting their luxurious and wealthy lifestyles on social media or via paparazzi snapping photos of them on exotic vacations or buying pricey jewelry. While that may be true for renowned families, apparently it’s not the same for Fat Joe.

The New York Rap legend recently spoke with the I Am Athlete podcast about the realities of celebrity, including the importance of being honest with yourself and your loved ones.

You should never lie to yourself. Don’t even lie to your family. I tell my wife, I tell my kids, we are not Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs or Shawn Carter, Jay-Z. One day my son, he was like, nineteen, he’s like, ‘Yo dad, look at this!’ I look at it, he got Dr. Dre son on a private plane, you got Jay-Z. He’s like, ‘This is how the sons are moving now!’

I was like, ‘You ain’t f*ckin’ movin’!’ We ain’t got that sh*t! So, stop lookin’ at them motherf*ckas and stay the course! Stay in your lane, because a lotta—it can be women, too—but a lotta men lose themselves by not trying to keep it real with themselves.

Morals make a people who they are and it’s very important for people to stick to them. Below is a snippet from Fat Joe’s appearance on I Am Athlete, as well as the whole interview.

Do you think more rappers should adopt this mindset? Sound off in the comments!

Gunjan Nath

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